Live Bands for Wedding and Other Events

When it comes to your wedding music, you really end up having one of two options: go with a live band or a DJ. The type of music that you decide actually depends on the type of wedding that you want to have. Whether you are going with a formal or informal wedding, the possibilities are endless when it comes to music selection. Soundtree is specialise in providing perfect wedding bands in the locations Mohali, Chandigarh, Punjab, Zirakpur, Panchkula, Ludhiana, Delhi and all areas of North India. We will help you find the perfect wedding bands for your special day.

Bands used to be the first choice for most wedding receptions from the last few years. Some bands are called classical or folk sets while others may simply be variety bands based on the kind of musical era or type you want to have played. Whichever kind of band you select; there are lots of strategies involved in having a band at your wedding.

We offer best live band for your wedding that suits your budget and can help you to choose the right package according to your expectations. Our aim is to provide an amazing wedding band with pro equipment and a friendly, latest & reliable attitude. If you have special song list that you want to have enjoyed during the wedding, we will inform the band in advance to be ready for your wedding also checking about the stage requirement for performance.

Before finalising, we will show you our live band videos, or if possible bands playing live either at a club or a wedding. We believe in providing wedding entertainment at “best price”. You should know and trust the person in charge of maintaining the flow of events, the entertaining of all your guests, as well as providing the personal service for the biggest day of your life!

Book live bands for wedding, we are all available for anything you need during your planning process! All of our bands work strongly together and improve their skills consistently. We will offer our best to get creative in order to create an even better experience for you! Our services don’t start the day of your event; they start the day you decide to Book That Band!

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